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3x10 Knee In Use

3x10=0 Full Extension Knee Device

3x10 Knee Original The 3x10=0 Full Extension Knee Device is for the patient who lacks passive extension of the knee following ACL reconstruction, total knee replacement, knee surgery, and/or trauma.

Upon first observation of knee extension lag, this prophylactic appliance allows patients to regain full extension through a safe and effective rehabilitation routine.

With the thin end under the thigh, the ankle is supported by the riser at the distal end of the foam cushion. The straps are drawn around the leg and the foam cushion. The straps are then tightened gradually to move the knee toward full extension.

3x10 Knee Ankle The 3x10=0 Full Extension, Ankle Supporting, Knee Device offers support of the knee and ankle, diminishing the chance of thigh and leg rotation or foot slippage. The ankle supporting version of the 3x10=0 is a notable addition to the original Full Extension Knee Device.

The 3x10=0 Full Extension Knee Device is easier to use than the alternative day and night devices, therefore patient compliance is high. It can also be advantageous in overcoming long standing extension problems by simply lengthening the application time.

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